About Us

About Us

Established in 2006, Ace Conveyer Solutions provides distribution, export and import of the widest range of conveyor belts in India. Our Conveyor Belts are made of PVC, PU, Plastic, Solid Woven Belts – as required by our clients for use in a range of industries, like Food Industry, Coal Mines, Chemical and Power stations and other underground applications.
Ace Conveyor solutions works with leading technologies coupled with the best operational strategies in the industry. We specialize in scalable material handling, innovative machinery and custom automation engineering. Our Primary objective is to ensure that our conveyor belts can be used by companies and industries to carry on their production seamlessly.
The usability of our conveyor belts for a wide range of applications, such as wet or dry operation, High temperature operation, Parts handling, packaging etc., ensures that they can be used in huge range of industries.

Our Product Range

Selecting the right conveyor belt for your industry is one of the most important, and challenging tasks. The kind of material, its properties etc., is crucial to the success of the application. Choosing the wrong belt can significantly impactproduction, affect downtime and threaten safety.
• Used in a variety of industries, our product range includes –

  • PVC Conveyor Belts
  • PU Conveyor Belts
  • PU Round Belts
  • Cleated Conveyor Belts
  • Food Grade Conveyor Belts
  • Linatex Coated Timing Belts
  • Plastic Modular Belts
  • Solid Woven Belts
  • Sidewall Conveyor Belts
  • Special Pattern Conveyor Belts
  • PVC Strip Curtains Teflon Coated Conveyor Belts
  • Timing Belts
  • Treadmill Belt & Jogger Wire Mesh Belts
  • Our Quality


    Due to our focus on the industrial market, we are able to distribute/export an unparalleled choice of conveyor belts globally. With different ranges in hardness, finish and elongation, these conveyor belts are available in a wide range of sidewalls and tracking guides.

    Industries we cater to

    • Packaging, Textile, Paper & General Industries
    • Ceramic tiles & roof
    • Packaging Machines
    • Woodworking Machines
    • Food Industry
    • Paper & Printing Industry
    • Textile Industries
    • Can Conveyors
    • Glass Industries
    • Food Industry
    • Chemical and Power Stations
    • Coal Mines.

    Why Choose Us?

    Our quality service has attributes which makes us ideal business associate:

    • Wide range of international to choose from.
    • We are providing Best.
    • Dealing of fair and .
    • Effective cost offers and saving options.
    • Strong logistics base.
    • Keep inventory for fast.
    • Wide distribution network.
    • Safe and fast transportation.

    Other Varieties of Conveyor Offered by Us

    We also bring you :

    Other Special Belts : We also provide, Kevlar cord, viton, etc., can provide heat resistance upto 1500° F.

    Imported Conveyor Belts : We provide you temperature conveyor belts, teflon conveyor belts, ordinary belts, silicon coated conveyor, special purpose conveyor, belts, conveyor belts, PVC conveyor, sidewalls & cleats. can fabricate almost any in conveyor belt line our fabrication department. With widths of upto 4, curved conveyors are some our specialized belt types. per international standard, we sidewalls & cleats welding the belt to provide life.

    Transmission Belts : We have , Megadyne, timing & polyflex in Optibelt, etc., in nomenclature like T5, T10, T20, AT5, AT10, AT20, H, XL, XH, XXH, MXL, 3, 5M, 8M, 14M, etc, belts, round belts, flat / sandwich belts. We also custom made pulleys for types of timing belts.